About Bosco Bros., LLC

We are locally owned and operated.  We employee local workers.  We live here; we work here; we have raised our families here.

As a community-based small business that has been in Norco for more than a century, we are concerned about the unique needs of each and every customer.  We treat our customers as an  individual, as a person ...as family.  We really care.  We do our best to meet the needs of all of our clients big or small.

Our company started out in the early 1900's as A. Migliori Marine Supplies, a ship-chandlers business providing equipment and supplies for riverboat pilots, shipyards and shipping companies all up and down the Mississippi River.  In 1983, the company was purchased from the Migliori family by one of its chief employees, Joseph Bosco.

Mr. Bosco raised his sons, Ricky and Jeno Bosco, in the business.  They now operate the business and have increased the size of its warehouses six-fold.  It is now Norco's premier industrial and marine supply company providing everything from power tools to cleaning supplies, from lumber to safety glasses.  They have diversified their industry clients to include refineries, shipbuilders, constuction contractors and maintenance services just to name a few.

Bosco Bros. looks forward to another 100 years of providing the world-class service for customers all across the southeastern Louisiana region.

Norco's oldest and best marine, industrial, lumber, Welding, construction, ELectrical, janitorial, safety and EVERYTHING Else supplier!